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Our Origin

Naz Foundation, a distinguished UK-based global non-profit organization, undertook a comprehensive study on the intricate landscape of sexual and reproductive health needs of gender and sexual minority (GSM) communities in Bangladesh from October 1996 to March 1997 in Bangladesh, thoughtfully supported by the Ford Foundation.

In addition to a variety of risky sexual practices that increase the risk of STI/HIV infection, the study showed how the GSM groups in Bangladesh endure social marginalization, discrimination, and condemnation in access to their sexual and reproductive health and rights (SRHR). The study exhibited that people from these communities are compelled to conceal their diverse gender identities, sexual orientations, and SRHR concerns as a way to avert social persecution, harassment, and violence.

A circle of friends realized the vulnerability of this community considering the intolerance against this community perception and pioneered the effort to support their SRHR and human rights.


Who We Are

Bandhu Social Welfare Society (Bandhu, Friend in English), voyaged in 1996, is a community-led, non-profit registered organization in Bangladesh dedicated towards the people of diverse sexual orientation, gender identity and expression, and sex characteristics (SOGIESC) of the country who we pronounce as gender diverse people (GDP). We have been registered by the Ministry of Social Welfare (MoSW) and NGO Affairs Bureau (NGOAB) of the Government of Bangladesh.

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Health Service & SRHR

Improving access to health care services.


Improve Livelihood and Social Entitlements.


Ensuring longterm sustainability by empowering Gender Diverse Population (GDP).


Bandhu Social Welfare Society (Bandhu) has been working with Gender Diverse Population (GDP) to ensure their SRHR service, HIV prevention and upholding human rights in Bangladesh since 1996.

Recent Event

International Women’s Day 2023

Bandhu Social Welfare Society (Bandhu) is going to celebrate International Women’s Day 2023 in festive mode this year by organizing various activities! We are participating in and organizing

Consultation meeting with Tourist Police at Cox’s Bazar

UNHCR supported SRHR response project organized a consultation meeting on May 18, 2023 engaging Tourist Police in order to let them sensitize about BANDHU’s overall activities including the i

Observance of World Mental Health Day 2022 by Bandhu Social Welfare Society

Observance of World Mental Health Day 2022 by Bandhu Social Welfare Society

On October 10, 2022, World Mental Health Day is observed at the Bandhu Social Welfare Society, Cox’s Bazar office, and service centers under the project funded by RTMI and UNHCR, with the the

UN High Officials visit at Bandhu Narayanganj Service Center

UN High Officials visit at Bandhu Narayanganj Service Center

On 13th September 2022 a high-level UN visitors team visited Narayangonj Service Center hosted by UNAIDS Bangladesh office. The team headed by Ms. Gwyn Lewis the Resident Coordinator of United Nati

জনশুমারিতে আলাদাভাবে যুক্ত হয়েছে ‘হিজড়া’ লিঙ্গ।

জনশুমারিতে আলাদাভাবে যুক্ত হয়েছে ‘হিজড়া’ লিঙ্গ।

আগামী ১৫ জুন থেকে ২১ জুন ২০২২ অনুষ্ঠিত হতে যাচ্ছে ষষ্ট জনশুমারি। প্রথমবারের মতো জনশুমারিতে আলাদাভাবে যুক্ত হয়েছে ‘হিজড়া’ লিঙ্গ। এই জনগোষ্ঠীর জন্য নিঃশন্দেহে এটি আনন্দের বিষয়। জাতীয় উন্ন

Lawyer’s Fellowship Award Giving Ceremony 2020

Lawyer’s Fellowship Award Giving Ceremony 2020

To recognize and protect the human rights of the gender diverse population, particularly Hijra community, Bandhu Social Welfare Society (Bandhu) organized “Lawyer’s Fellowship Award Giv

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    A Short brief about Bandhu Social Welfare Society.

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    Pioneer১ নভেম্বর জাতীয় যুবদিবস। ‘প্রশিক্ষিত যুব উন্নত দেশ, বঙ্গবন্ধুর বাংলাদেশ’ প্রতিপাদ্য সারাদেশে পালিত হচ্ছে দিবসটি। দেশের মোট জনসংখ্যার এক-তৃতীয়অংশই যুবা, যাদের সুপ্রশিক্ষিত করতে পা

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Steven J Kraus
Regional Support Team, Asia and the Pacific
Joint United Nations Programme on HIV/AIDS, UNAIDS

“Bandhu Social Welfare Society (Bandhu) demonstrates how community-led HIV programmes and inclusive approaches deliver effective and sustaine

Dede Oetomo
Chair, Regional Advisory Group
Asia Pacific Coalition on Male Sexual Health

It is with great pleasure and excitement that we participate in the celebration of twenty years of hard, passionate work with sexual minorities in

Edmund Settle
Policy Advisor, Bangkok Regional Hub, UNDP

"The partnerships Bandhu created with the national human rights institution created an example in South Asia. This partnership has directly le

Jonas Tillberg, MPH
Coordinator of International Programmes 
RFSU-The Swedish Association for Sexuality Education Stockholm, Sweden

RFSU has always valued having BANDHU as a partner for sexual and reproductive health and rights in Bangladesh.

Our Current Development Partners